H&R Performance GR Supra Matte Finish Carbon Fiber Door Handle Covers

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Ready to make your Supra stand out from the crowd? Well look no further. Here at H&R Performance we are very excited to announce our new Toyota GR Supra Dry Carbon Fiber Door Handle Covers in Matte Finish!


Fits: 2020-2021 Toyota GR Supra A90, A91, MK5


  • Simple Installation in under 10 minutes
  • High quality Real Dry Carbon Fiber with Matte Finish and UV coating protection
  • Doors will still unlock with cover by touching the handle, lock the vehicle with your key fob
  • Covers are 0.2mm in thickness and will not look bulky after installation (Especially paired with our paper thin 3M adhesive tape)
  • We use paper thin 3M adhesive tape unlike our competitors! (Don't struggle using the thick trim adhesive they include!)
  • Light weight and extremely durable, CNC cut for perfect fit
  • All of our handles are cleaned, prepped, and coated with ExoForma Ceramic Shield (just in case you're wondering why they smell so damn good!)  
  • Our Carbon Fiber Door Handle Caps only weigh 1.2oz for the pair!

Package Includes:

  • One Pair (Driver & Passenger) of H&R Performance Dry Carbon Fiber Door Handle Covers (Matte Finish) - Model: HRA90DHCAPM
  • 2 extra paper thin 3M adhesive strips included (Items come as pictured with adhesive pre-installed, we understand you can never have too much adhesive!)
  • Two Alcohol prep pads for each side 

Does not Include:

  • Installation instructions

  • *Access Hole for Key Hole Cover! We decided against having the access hole for two reasons. It will show the factory paint color defeating the purpose of having a full cover over the handle. Secondly, you would have to wrap the key hole cover to match the carbon fiber. We recommend replacing your key fob battery once you notice it's range decreasing or having trouble unlocking the vehicle from a close distance.*

Additional Installation Notes:

  • We recommend that you wash the vehicle prior to installation, ensure door handles are completely dry prior to installation, use provided alcohol prep pads to thoroughly clean the handle surface, as well let the vehicle and door handle caps sit in the sun for 10 minutes prior to installing. This will allow the 3M adhesive to warm up along with the surface of the handle. This will get the adhesive to stick even better!
  • You can use a heat gun or hair dryer if you live in a dark gloomy climate