H&R Performance GR Supra Engine Start/Stop Button

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H&R Performance GR Supra Engine Start/Stop Buttons are now available! Available in your choice of Red Casing, Blue Casing, Black Casing, as well Silver. Give your Supra interior that nice minor touch to make it even more unique!



  • Direct replacement 
  • Retains factory illumination 
  • Factory illumination creates a reflection look behind the button which creates a unique look!
  • Full replacement 
  • Quick and simple installation in under 10 minutes

Package Includes:

  • One H&R Performance GR Supra Engine Start/Stop Button
  • Black Removal Putty

Does not Include:

  • Installation instructions

Additional Installation Notes:

  • We recommend that you warm the black removal putty by rolling it in your hands for a minute or so, this will allow the putty to become more "tacky" and stick to your factory Start/Stop button
  • Be gentle and take your time when installing the new button to ensure tabs do not get bent/broken during the process